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My name is Russ and I have been sculpting concrete for about 10 years now. I have experimented with different bag concrete mixes and have created my own formula mix. After many attempts, I have perfected a concrete mix that is light weight, strong and is capable of showing a lot of detail. This makes sculpting out of concrete a whole lot of fun! Living close to the ocean, I go for walks on the beach frequently with my family, along the way picking up sea glass, shells and interesting pieces of driftwood. I'm always intrigued about driftwood and the different shapes and distress the ocean has placed on them . I mastered a technique to get the different textures of driftwood into concrete without using any molds. I use a dremel tool and hand made texture tools that I create myself. Because of my technique, none of my planters or holders are exactly alike. I also use a water based concrete penetrating stain which I have had great success with, which gives a realistic effect to my work.

I also love plants, but unfortunately I don't have a green thumb and manage to kill almost every plant I come in contact with. So I searched for the most realistic plants I could find and incorporate them into my work for a realistic look which require no maintenance. Artificial planters are one of my popular items.

I welcome custom orders and requests. There are many things I create that are not on Etsy, including concrete tree stumps, concrete tables, concrete sculptures and more.

People often ask me how I got my name "Kamak" ? Well, Kamak includes the first two letters of both my daughters and wife's name combined. Ka (for Karin and Kasie) and ma (for Makenna) = Kamak. They are my inspiration and mean the world to me.

Feel free to inbox me anytime if you have any questions, or even just to say hi! I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating them !

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